Sirius XM Has Gone Woke!

I’ve never seen an entire race Coddled over the loss of a Dead Junkie like George Floyd? PS – Nobody Cares About “Juneteenth” – 2021 is the First year it’s actually on a Calendar and that’s ONLY because a White President planned a Rally on that day lol …… It’s 2021 – Move The Fuck On With Your Lives and stop playing The Victim …… But that’s the Carrot the Democrats keep waving in front of them – Victimhood! Think For Yourselves! #RacialRadio #Riots #Burn #Loot #Murder ……. Your “Movement” Is Embarrassing and it’s time to get a grasp on your “Youth Thug Culture” & Missing Baby Daddy’s ……. Its not RACE that divides us! It’s Culture & Economic Disparity! But Hey Boo! Ya Got Your Own Radio Station, TV Channel & Congressional Caucus Now! You’ve Made it!