Failed Toms River Councilman & Gilmore’s Last Hope – Dan Rodrick Wants To Get Cute With #TeamLeonardUSA During Election Year!

Call It An Olive Branch Or A Call To End The Madness – Former Toms River Board Of Education Dan Leonard Member Bit The Bullet, Tried & Immediately Regretted The Effort!

Councilman Rodrick Refused It & denied his attempt to Hijack the Toms River Regional School District along with Board Member Kevin Kidney. He even got a tad disrespectful – So the Gloves Of Truth came out! 🙂 Here Is The Complete Text Chat.

Here’s the Text Conversation Initiated By Dan Leonard:

Dan Leonard Part 1
Dan Leonard Part 2
Dan Rodrick’s Reply 1
Dan Leonard’s Final Word

And Now For Dan Rodrick’s Voicemail That Makes Us All FOOLS For Believing In The Kidney-Rodrick-Altobello “Conspiracy” lol. #DesperateDan2021