I Love The Toms River Regional School District!

If nobody, other than the usual folks, does anything to expose the Coup d’Etat that has just been uncovered – Toms River will FALL in 10 years time. That’s not even my TeamLeonardUSA “persona” saying that! That’s a Professional Assessment.

I’ve studied “Failed States” and I’ve lived in them. Corruption and Nepotism are like a Cancer. They must be eradicated immediately or it kills ANYTHING good. A School district is something good that should be protected at all costs. But Friends, That Cost Must Be Shared!

George Gilmore is no different than any Afghan Tribal Leader I have met. He preys upon the week. He has them do his bidding until they are useless and he moves to the next, and the next, then the next!

All Transactional & Sacrificial Relationships !!!!

Currently, Lackey’s Rodrick & Lamb are his “Vessel” back towards relevance and now they OWN 3 School Board Seats! Tonight, Toms River chooses its Destiny!

Choose Wisely! I wish this District and every stakeholder nothing but the absolute best in the future.


Daniel P. Leonard