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Army Veteran, Toms River School Board Member, Family, Kids Receiving Death Threats After Criticizing Rashida Tlaib

By SNN Staff ReportAugust 3, 2019 Community News/New Jersey News3 Mins Read

BEACHWOOD-Toms River School Board Member and U.S. Army war veteran Daniel Leonard is receiving a slew of death threats against himself and his family since criticizing U.S. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s threat of a hunger strike over U.S. immigration policy.   Leonard stated that if the congresswoman died of hunger, he wouldn’t care.

Shortly afterward, the Muslim group CAIR lashed out at Leonard, declaring a social media jihad, and calling for Leonard’s resignation.  Leonard did not resign, but said he will not seek re-election and today opened up about the death threats he and his family have received in light of CAIR’s campaign against him.

“As you can clearly see from this sample of Screenshots – It is quite evident what the real motivation was for trying to take me out,” Leonard said. ” look at every one of these! These are the people that have forced me to abandon my Re-election hopes so that both my family and the district will not be compromised. These are the people that have “won” ….. as under informed citizens in Facebook chat rooms continue to judge me based on what they heard online or saw in a headline?”

Leonard also criticized the Toms River School District officials who made statements to the media without consulting him first.

Leonard, a retired U.S. Army paratrooper and veteran of America’s War Against Terrorism said he is upset with the lack of due process provided to him by the Toms River School Board and the New Jersey School Board Association for which he also serves.

” I served 23 years protecting the very rights that were just STOLEN from me when I needed them most! These are the people that have intimidated the District into putting out a press release that tarnished my Character & Reputation! It hurts …… having never lied to the people and when I needed them most …… These are the people that won,” Leonard said.

Some criticized Leonard, while others wished death upon his wife and child.  Some posted Leonard’s personal home address in an attempt to threaten and intimidate him.  In one instance, a man even said he will “find little alexa too”, referring to Leonard’s daughter.  Others called for the rape of Leonard’s wife and daughter.

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