Beachwood’s Dumbest Citizen Of The Month Award

I have not been on a Beachwood Facebook Chat page in over 2 years and these Gossipy Little ” Beta Males” still can’t keep my name out of their mouths? Hey Mandica, #TeamLeonardUSA will Donate $1000 to ANY District PTO of your choice if you can back up your accusation. Til Then – You shall Remain the lying little “Chatty Cathy” Bitch that you are. I don’t even know what this was about BUT I am easy to find! Again – $1,000 Dollars To The PTO Of Your Choosing OR You Will Remain A Liar. You can apologize Publicly for lying to the Community and Baby Jesus might forgive you – But I Won’t.

Beachwood, NJ Community Liars Club President – Michael Mandica
Dan Leonard’s 2019 H.D. Road Glide Special
Dan Leonard’s 2019 H.D. Road Glide Special
Confused & SLANDERED – Former U.S. Paratrooper At The Scene Of The “Double Dip” Incident!

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