Local Politics

You know – I don’t REALLY care about Local Politics as much as I let on. It’s a Hobby. It was a Degree. I have learned that being a Politician (Mayor or Commissioner) does not necessarily make you a Leader. However, In the absence of Clear Leadership or Corruption -, it is the Duty of Real American MEN & WOMEN to step into those voids and Lead to the best of their ability. It should be the Public’s role to support them in their efforts or to influence and advise them on how they can do a better job. Just Because We Disagree DOES NOT MAKE US ENEMIES! The Polarization of EVERY ISSUE these days must Stop Now or America Will Cease To Be “United States” in the not so distant future.

But the POINT is this – If You Aren’t Leading, You Are Being Led. It’s the community’s responsibility to find out who pulls the strings and for what purpose. The End

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