Declassified afghanistan document

Friends – Radical Freedom USA has made this Document available to the public. This email was sent out by Liberal Democrat General John R. Allen while I was at Camp Blackhorse, Pol E Charki, Afghanistan in February 2012. When the incident took place, all of the local Afghan security forces and soldiers left their security towers and perimeter posts out of Fear and Coalition Forces had to man these positions to protect Camp Blackhorse. Myself and an Albanian Soldier manned the tower directly over the site where armed local nationals (Afghans) burned tires, threw rocks and tried to gain access to our base. We were not even provided rules of engagement.

Once the riot subsided, they allowed all of the Afghan Security Forces who bailed on their security positions to go back to work without any repercussion. I knew 10 years ago that the Afghan National Army and their security elements wouldn’t last 24 Hours once the Unites States of America was no longer their bodyguard. THIS IS WHAT WEAK MILITARY LEADERSHIP LOOKS LIKE! I was in a Combat Zone with the Taliban all over the place and General Allen wanted American Soldiers to practice “Restraint” and De-Escalation” techniques while American Soldiers and Coalition Forces (specifically French at the time) were being killed on a regular basis. It is Military Leaders like General John R. Allen that get Soldiers killed. Fast Forward – He spoke at the 2020 Democratic National Convention in support of President Joe Biden. The Meek Stick Together!


MSG (Ret) Daniel P. Leonard – Combat Advisor to the Afghan National Army (2011-2012)

Pussy General John R. Allen